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CRM - University of Ottawa Distinguished Lecture Series

TITLE:Aspects of growth in algebra
SPEAKER:Rostislav Grigorchuk (Texas A&M University)
DATE:Vendredi, 1 Avril 2011
TIME:3:30 pm

The talk will present a survey of results and open problems about growth in algebra. Mostly we will focus our discussion on the growth of finitely generated groups, but related topics about growth of semigroups, graphs, and graded algebras will be touched as well. We will present as (relatively) old results (known and not very well known) and recent results, of the speaker and of other researches. This talk will be accessible to a general mathematical audience/graduate students.

About the speaker: Prof. Grigorchuk received his undergraduate degree and Ph.D. from Moscow State University. His Ph.D. thesis advisor was A. M. Stepin. Prof. Grigorchuk received a habilitation (Doctor of Science) degree in Mathematics in 1985 at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics in Moscow. Prof. Grigorchuk held positions at the Moscow State University of Transportation, at the Steklov Institute of Mathematics and Moscow State University. Since 2002, Prof. Grigorchuk is at Texas A&M University, where he was promoted to the rank of Distinguished Professor in 2008.

Prof. Grigorchuk is well-known for having constructed, in a 1984 paper the first example of a finitely generated group of intermediate growth. Prof. Grigorchuk gave an invited address at the 1990 International Congress of Mathematicians in Kyoto, an AMS Invited Address at the March 2004 meeting of the American Mathematical Society in Athens, Ohio, and a plenary talk at the 2004 Winter Meeting of the Canadian Mathematical Society.